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The Hammerhead is engineered to target a wide range of muscles focusing on your core, strength and stability. Its custom design allows you to do a full body workout Incorporating multiple innovative exercises.
Made right here in the USA, each piece is hand crafted from solid commercial grade aluminum. Comes in eight separate pieces including two Patented shaped plates on each side with six custom knurl textured handles to offer a wide maximum grip range. Constructed together by twelve high quality 3/8” stainless steel bolts, the Hammerhead is a solid built machine made to last a lifetime!
What separates the Hammerhead from most of the fitness devices on the market today is the locking function of the patented shaped plates. Each side plate has rounded end shapes that lock you into place when shifting from either side. This function cuts out the shakiness than can be hard on your joints. It also clears your hands and fingers from getting damaged on the ground surface. While locked into place you can trigger certain muscles on that side of body.
Weighing 15 lbs the Hammerhead helps reduce using multiple exercise devices. It offers so many different innovative workout routines to help build a strong core, improve stability and overall strength throughout the
entire body. 
It doesn’t matter if you are an avid fitness enthusiasts, cross fitter, body builder or power lifter, the function and durability of the Hammerhead is built for everyone!

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