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Disclaimer: Hammerhead Customs, LLC. Products assumes no liability or responsibility for accidents or injury to person or property that may result from improper use of this product. Consult your health professional before engaging any exercises or any type of exercise routines on this product. Important! Please read instructions below before using the Hammerhead Fit Press • Consult your physician before any exercises performed on this product. • Before any use check all bolts to make sure they are securely fastened with the hex key that is provided. • Place product onto any rubber grip surface or rubber mat that is included with online purchase to avoid any sliding around. • Grip firmly onto the knurl textured handle bars before starting any exercises or routines • Keep abdominal muscles tight focusing on your core while performing any exercises. • Perform exercises in a controlled manner avoiding any straining or overexertion. • Though this product is made from solid aluminum and stainless steel, avoid any extreme hard hitting or hard surfaces. • All products and parts have been tested for extra durability and strength. Hammerhead Fit Press is a product of Hammerhead Customs, LLC, Springfield, Missouri 65807    C 2016 For more information visit our website at

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